Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint Readers

Fingerprint Readers, South Africa
We have the largest variety of fingerprint readers for you, our clients in South Africa and beyond who need fingerprint reader technology for their access control and time & attendance solutions. Contact us today for the most reliable fingerprint reader technology, quality service and great after-sales support.

Fingerprint Readers, South Africa

With our large variety of fingerprint readers, fingerprint scanners and biometric devices, we specialize in providing clients the right technology for their access control, time & attendance and business requirements.

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Complete Range of Fingerprint Readers

We supply and install Sagem, Virdi, ZK and Suprema fingerprint readers, time & attendance and access control systems. We have fingerprint readers for all price ranges. Contact us today for the right solution at the best price.

Perfect Installations

We sell and install your fingerprint readers

With over 15 years experience selling and installing fingerprint readers across South Africa and Africa there is no need to look any further. For quality fingerprint readers contact us today.

Great After-Sales Support

We guarantee your fingerprint reader

We will work with you, from start to finish and beyond, servicing and supporting all our customers throughout South Africa ad Africa. We guarantee you will receive only great service from Fingerprint Reader SA. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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Our fingerprint readers cover all major supported brands and price ranges in Southern Africa, used by some of the largest corporations and government departments in S.A.

  • Sagem Fingerprint Readers

    Designed Manufactured in France, Sagem is considered to have one of the best sensors and more reliable devices today, used by major corporations throughout Africa.

  • Virdi Fingerprint Readers

    Virdi, with its patented fake-fingerprint detection and sleek designs, is a very exciting Korean biometric company. Some of the largest corporations in South Africa use Virdi exclusively.

  • ZK Fingerprint Readers

    The largest Chinese manufacturer of fingerprint and biometric readers, ZK fingerprint readers have established themselves as having the right blend of quality and pricing, for the small to medium discerning customer.

  • Suprema Fingerprint Readers

    Suprema, another Korean designer and manufacturer of fingerprint readers, have some very unique solutions and can often be the perfect fit for our customers. Contact us today to purchase your fingerprint reader.

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Fingerprint Readers

We have been installing fingerprint readers since 2000. Choose a South African company you can trust.

Our focus and passion is our clients and their needs, knowing that by providing the right fingerprint reader technology and systems, be it for either time & attendance or access control, we every time generate a ROI for them.

Fingerprint Reader SA was established to be the best and most comprehensive product-independent company in South Africa providing biometric fingerprint reader technology, time & attendance and access control solutions to clients and resellers alike – Contact us today and get great technology, service and after-sales support.


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